Your most of the acts will be much daring compare to your few days earlier time. As in previous time your anger was not duly backed by confidence, determination and mind. But now you are feeling much clear in your options and thoughts, hence you have ability to go for new adventure or idea or taking up new responsibility. It is high time to come forward for taking up additional work. The only problem in this segment of time is that by such acts you are also making other person jealous to you and you may get some back biting, hence be alert. Do not be impulsive. Take time over your decisions.You may suffer on account of wrong decisions. You will indulge in unnecessary expenses. There may be some bad news regarding business. Heavy losses are indicated. Care must betaken regarding health. Maintain good relations with friendsor relatives as there is possibility of straining relations with them. Speculations must be avoided or else they may cause financial losses.